After A Strange Visit, A Grieving Parent Sets Up A Camera At Their Son’s Grave

Mary and Peter were in mourning for their late son, who had been killed in a horrible accident. Every day, they went to his tomb. Nevertheless, after about a month, they found that someone had always beaten them to it. Every day, a new rose was placed on his tomb. But who grew this rose? Peter had a solution: he put on a camera to determine who it was. Yet when he saw this individual, he was taken aback.

He was so touched that someone cared that much about their son. Mary and Peter were both curious and grateful that someone remembered their son so fondly. It was a reminder that their son was still alive in the hearts of those who knew him. It was a comfort to them that their son was remembered and cherished by someone. They were deeply touched by the gesture and it filled their hearts with joy to know that their beloved son was remembered so fondly.

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