After Discovering Why The Dog Checked The Storm Drain, Bystanders Were Shocked

The Sound Was Clearer

A new ring of bystanders had formed. When the cover was lifted, the perplexing noises, which had become increasingly quieter over time, became fully audible. The street was filled with a variety of somewhat unique screeches that were echoing down the pipe from a distance. Dave had never heard anything like this before. He was mesmerized by the sound, and he could tell that the other bystanders were too. Some of them had their cellphones out, recording the strange noises that were coming from the pipe.

The screeching sound was grating to the ears, but it also sent a chill down Dave’s spine. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and curiosity as he watched the bystanders around him. Some of them were pointing and talking to each other, trying to make sense of what was happening. Others were just standing there, transfixed by the sound. It was clear that no one knew what to expect next.

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