After Discovering Why The Dog Checked The Storm Drain, Bystanders Were Shocked

Odd Black Vehicles

Dave noticed a fresh crew arriving. These are the experts to whom the firefighters referred. They arrived in strange black vans. Dave was becoming very concerned about what he had witnessed at this point. He wished to remain and witness what was going on. However, a development would occur later that would cause him even more shock and stressed. Something that he certainly did not expect, given that he only wanted to help. Because of what he knew, he was later apprehended.

Dave felt exhausted by his ordeal in the sewers. He was in a daze, unable to stop thinking about what he experienced in the dark sewers. He felt like he had been through a war. His body ached from the physical exertion and his mind was spinning from the shock of what he had seen. He was relieved to be out of the sewers, but he was still haunted by the images of the creatures he encountered. He was taken to a nearby ambulance for a checkup. The doctors found that he was physically fine, but they were concerned about his mental state. They prescribed him some medication to help him cope with the trauma.

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