After Discovering Why The Dog Checked The Storm Drain, Bystanders Were Shocked

He Was Interrogated

The officers began grilling Dave as soon as he was seated in the questioning area. They assumed he was the owner of the German shepherd. Dave, on the other hand, informed them that he only had one dog, which he kept in a separate room from the German shepherd. He was confused as to why the police would consider him a person of interest when he was simply going on his regular walk with his dog. He had no idea what the German shepherd was doing in the area or why it was even there. He had never seen the dog before.

Dave asked the officers why they thought he was involved in the incident. Dave was still confused and asked them why they would think he was involved in the incident when he was simply walking his own dog. He had no idea why the German shepherd was in the area. The officers then asked Dave if he had seen anyone else in the area. Dave told them that he hadn’t seen anyone else, and that he was just as curious about what the German Shepherd was doing there. He wanted answers just as much as they do!

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