Homeless Man Finds Trash Bag Full Of Money – Gets Arrested When Calling Police

Wanting a lawyer

Leroy felt a sense of unease wash over him as the agents continued to stare at him with their piercing gazes. He knew that he had to be careful with his words, as anything he said could potentially be used against him. But he also knew that he had a right to legal representation, and he wasn’t going to let the agents intimidate him.

“I’ve done nothing wrong, but I’ll only speak with a lawyer present,” he said firmly, his voice steady despite the fear that he felt inside.

The agents looked at each other with irritation, and Leroy could tell that they weren’t pleased with his response. But he knew that he had to protect himself, and he wasn’t going to let them bully him into saying something that could hurt him later on. He sat back in his chair, his arms crossed tightly over his chest, waiting for the agents to respond.For several tense moments, the room was filled with an uncomfortable silence. The agents seemed to be debating something silently, their faces unreadable. Leroy wondered what was going through their minds, and whether he had made the right decision in insisting on a lawyer.Finally, Agent Geoth spoke up, his voice cold and clipped. “Very well, Leroy. We’ll arrange for a lawyer to be present during questioning. But make no mistake, we’re not finished with you yet.”

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