Homeless Man Finds Trash Bag Full Of Money – Gets Arrested When Calling Police

Telling the truth

Leroy breathed a sigh of relief as the agents left the room and returned a little while later with a state attorney. He knew that he was in good hands now, and he felt safe enough to finally tell the truth about what had happened.

“I am homeless,” he began, his voice low and steady. “And I was looking for leftovers in the trash next to restaurant Napoli. But instead of leftovers, I found a special trash bag.”

He went on to explain how he had discovered the bag filled with cash, and how he had initially been tempted to keep it for himself. But as he spoke, he could feel the weight of guilt and regret pressing down on him. He knew that he had made a mistake, and he was determined to make things right.

The state attorney listened carefully as Leroy spoke, his face impassive and unreadable. But as Leroy finished his story, he could sense a hint of sympathy in the attorney’s eyes.

“I see,” the attorney said, his voice calm and measured. “Thank you for being honest with us, Leroy. We’ll investigate this further and get to the bottom of it.”

Leroy nodded, feeling a sense of relief wash over him. He knew that he still had a long road ahead of him, but at least now he had a chance to make things right.

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