Mom Changes Diaper When Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying – Then She Discovers The Awful Reason Why

Christine showed a pack of diapers

What kind of diapers do you use, madam?’ Christine was an organized mother, so she always carried a small pack of diapers wi. Write how his investigations eaaad Dapers out of her bag. The doctor never had seen this diaper brand before. He asked Christine to show him the diaper that Anna was wearing. Christine was relieved that the doctor was being more thorough with his questions. She had been hoping to get this chance with their doctor for days now.

The doctor examined the diaper closely and asked Christine a few more questions about the diaper’s material and the brand. He then asked Christine to bring the rest of the diapers she had in her bag. Christine complied and pulled the rest of the diapers out of her bag.

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