Monkey Teases Lion Every Day For 5 Years – Until One Day Lion Has Enough

For five years, a monkey in the zoo had taken to teasing the lion in the adjacent enclosure with a stick. Every day, the monkey would swing from branch to branch, taunting the lion with playful gestures and sounds, poking the lion with the stick. The lion would roar and growl in frustration, but the monkey was always too quick and agile for the lion to catch. The monkey’s antics were a source of amusement for the zoo visitors, who would gather around the enclosure to watch the show. The monkey would often pause to take a bow, as if to acknowledge the audience’s appreciation. He would then resume his teasing, jumping around the lion and making faces. This went on consistently, almost on a daily basis. It was a wonder that it lasted for as long as it did.

The lion, being a proud animal, had tolerated the monkey’s behaviour for a long time. On occasion, the lion would manage to swat the stick away, but the monkey was always ready with a new one. He would also often bring treats for the lion, which the lion would reluctantly accept. The monkey’s teasing was relentless, but the lion seemed to understand that it was all in good fun. He would often grumble and growl, but he never seemed to be truly angry. The monkey would laugh and jump around, and the lion would just watch him with a bemused expression. The monkey would sometimes even climb onto the lion’s back, and the lion would just sit there and let him. But eventually, he had had enough.
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