People Proudly Share Body Features That Make Their Beauty One-Of-A-Kind

A Grey Eyelash That’s Longer Than the Rest

This one certainly is one of a kind. For whatever reason, this person grows a singular grey eyelash on the right side of his face. Not only that, but it grows incredibly long if they let it, reaching lengths that are far beyond the average eyelash. This isn’t a bad thing to have, but we do imagine that it probably could hurt a bit to pull it out, considering where it’s located. Or they could just cut and trim it like they would any hair, using a pair of scissors to snip off the excess length.

This unique eyelash is a sight to behold, and it’s something that this person can be proud of. We also imagine that it might mess up or get stuck in their eye if they let it grow too long, meaning it does have the potential to become a nuisance. But we’re sure this person knows just how to take care of it.

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