People Proudly Share Body Features That Make Their Beauty One-Of-A-Kind

Only 1/4 Redhead (or Should We Say Redbeard)

No, this guy didn’t go and have his beard dyed in different colors. That is a multicolored beard without the help of any artificial dye. He posted this photo online and said that his hair just grows that way, in a unique and eye-catching pattern. It basically runs down one side of his beard, creating a stunning visual effect. It appears that he’s decided to grow his beard out to show off this amazing feature, and why not? After all, who else can say they have a multicolored beard?

It’s a truly remarkable sight and of course, one that is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. We just wonder if it would change colors if he did decide to dye it eventually or if it’d just retain its orange hue. Personally, we think that it’s way cooler if he retains it as it is. What do you think? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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