People Proudly Share Body Features That Make Their Beauty One-Of-A-Kind

Their Fingers Don’t Have a Middle Joint

This might just be the opposite of having double-jointed fingers. Someone posted this photo of their hand and it’s quite unique. This peculiar photo of a hand has been posted online, and it’s clear to see that the person is missing joints in their fingers. It’s not hard to tell what joint they’re missing as you can clearly see there aren’t any joint marks in the middle of their fingers.

Instead of having the usual double-jointed fingers, this person only has single-jointed fingers. It appears as if they can only bend the tips of their fingers, which is a unique sight to behold. We’ve seen double-jointed fingers before, but single-jointed fingers are a new one for us. It’s definitely really cool to look at, and it’s a fascinating example of how unique and diverse our bodies can be.

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