People Proudly Share Body Features That Make Their Beauty One-Of-A-Kind

Like Father Like Son: Webbed Toes Version

This one isn’t too uncommon. This father was filled with pride when he posted a photo of his newborn son’s feet next to his own. His son had inherited his webbed toes. The second and third toes are conjoined to make one large toe. This kid will have something cool to show off on the playground whenever he gets old enough to go to school one day. This unique feature will be something special for the little one.

Until then, he’ll just have to be content with showing off his toes online. If you were curious, there is a surgery that’s able to separate toes like this, but since they don’t negatively affect how a person walks, runs, or swims, many people leave them as is. This father was proud to share his son’s unique feature with the world, and it’s sure to be something that will make him stand out from the crowd.

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