Remember Octomom? See Her Today

Back in January 2009, Nadya Suleman made the news by giving birth to a whopping eight babies all at once. The pregnancy broke many records and caused some controversy over the methods used to get Nadya pregnant in the first place. Even her doctor came under fire and ended up having his license revoked in 2011. While people either loved her or hated her, Octomom took full advantage of the publicity and never gave up on her children, no matter how bad things got.

Octomom’s octuplets were the first ones to not only be born alive but survive the first week of life. The happy mother snuggled her new arrivals and was excited to introduce them to the six children at home. However, people around the world had questions, and they weren’t going to be quiet. Today, we’re going to look at where Nadya and her family are now.

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