“The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” ­— Celebrity Parents and Their Children Today Part 3

Welcome to biology 101, where we look to Hollywood to learn a little bit about genetics. Well, not really, but would it have been fun if schools would employ that strategy? Growing up in a celebrity household means navigating a unique and often glamorous lifestyle, after all, which can be both exciting and challenging. Watching celebrity parents and children interact and support one another on and off screen gives us an intimate glimpse into their family dynamics.

We are often drawn to the talent and success that runs in these families, as it often creates a special bond and understanding between parent and child. Something tells us students would have been a lot more interested in biology class if these celebrities were the topic . And that something is how you all seemed to like our previous two articles about celebrity parents and their mini-mes. As a special treat, here is a third article full of that same good stuff.

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