This man finds a pitbull tied to a tree in a park with a word and is stunned while reading it

Dogs are not only cute animals, they can understand other people’s intentions, which most people cannot. On the other hand, dogs are not only “lovely pets”, they are also compassionate. They are great companions for children and they often take care of them as if they were their own little one. Eric, the protagonist of our story, loved dogs too, until one day his life changed forever, when he accidentally discovered an abandoned pitbull tied to a tree with a note around his neck.

Eric Maus was a screenwriter by profession and these stories often took him to travel. Whenever he had time, he would pack his bags and go on a journey to discover new things and find inspiration for these next scenarios. He lived his life to the fullest and did whatever he wanted, making the most of what the world had to offer. But despite our desires, we cannot fulfill all of our desires. And there was a specific desire that remained on Eric’s wish list, a wish he hadn’t been able to achieve.

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