Times Stars Were Seen Riding The Subway Just Like Everyone Else

Celebrities: they’re just like us! While we often associate fame with luxury and extravagance, many stars lead remarkably down-to-earth lives. It might surprise you to know that spotting a celebrity during your daily commute isn’t as rare as you’d think. Here, we’ve compiled instances of your favourite icons embracing the everyday grind, dispelling the myth of Hollywood’s exclusivity. Get ready to see your beloved stars in a whole new light!

Sebastian Stan

Even the Winter Soldier himself, Sebastian Stan, enjoys a low-key subway ride in New York City. Here, he’s just like any of us, absorbed in his phone, dressed casually in everyday attire. The relatable vibes he exudes aren’t surprising, making you feel like you could bump into him on your morning commute. Notably, it was likely a fan who snapped this candid shot, captioning it with a simple, “The Winter Soldier is here,” further blurring the lines between celebrity and regular commuter.

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