Woman Takes “Cat” To Groomer – Groomer Burst Into Tears After Seeing It’s Not A Cat

A woman called Sarah brought a furry creature to a pet groomer. The pet groomer was surprised to see the furry creature, but was happy to help. She asked Sarah what type of creature it was, and Sarah said it was a cat. The pet groomer then asked Sarah what type of grooming she wanted done. Sarah said she wanted the cat’s fur trimmed and its nails clipped. So far, so good. It all sounded like the typical, grooming that pet owners would want for their pets. Still, James couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was something odd about this pet. As an experienced pet groomer, he knew better than to let his guard down. Especially because this was his first time handling this cat. As with all his pet clients, James made sure to put the animal at ease first before doing anything.

James took the creature and began to groom it. He proceeded to give the cat a bath, brush its fur, trim its fur, and clip its nails. As he was cutting the creature’s fur,  however, he was shocked to discover that it was not a cat at all. He could not believe his eyes! Could he be really handling this creature in his pet grooming shop? Sarah would have a lot of explaining to do! But where to start? How did she get her hands on this creature? How could she think this was a cat? Or did she already know, but decided to turn a blind eye anyway? This was going to be a very memorable client for James, that’s for sure.

The groomer turned pale and asked the woman: Is this what I think it is?

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